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Contact us, and we can start dealing with your situation. The contact is the first, but very important step that will stop the negative development of your economy. Write us a letter or an e-mail, and we will sort out your case together.

There are different ways to pay

You can choose the way you prefer. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will help you.

Connect to autogiro

If you pay with autogiro, you don’t have to pay neither the invoice fee of 60 SEK each month, nor the administration fee of 170 SEK. The payment is made automatically, you don’t have to worry about forgetting it.

Direct payment Nordea

With direct payment, you can pay fast and easily on the Internet, directly from your account. The service works like a transaction from your account to Sileo Kapital’s account, and is made directly after you have processed the payment on your Internet bank.

Nordea Direct payment Nordea

Other ways of paying

Please use the following instructions to pay:
swish_logo_primary_idshape_RGB 123-161 60 36 (specify your social security number)
Bankgiro: 308-2963 (specify the OCR number)
Plusgiro: 919 51-4 (Specify your social security number or OCR number)

If you can’t pay the entire debt directly, please contact us at 010-550 78 00 and we can help you with an installment plan.

Make a payment to Sileo Kapital from abroad

Please use the following instructions:
IBAN: SE 1995000099604200919514
Please don’t forget to specify your social security number or organizational number and your current address.

Receiver of payment:
Sileo Kapital AB
Mailbox 1804
411 41 Göteborg


To ease the handling of your case, we have gathered some forms that you might need.

010-550 78 00

We can provide you with answers!

Our administrators are well-trained and familiar with the rules and regulations concerning debts. They will answer your call and help you with the questions you might have, as well as finding a solution that is suited for you.

It is expensive not to pay directly

Even small debts can grow big if they are ignored. When fees are added, the debt grows dramatically.

If you give us a call, we can stop that development.

  • Invoice (example)

  • +

  • Debt collection

  • +

  • Injunction to pay

  • +

  • Counsel fee

  • =

  • Your debt


We are most willing to help you with your questions, but sometimes we are not best suited to answer them, or you might want someone else’s perspective on the matter. It’s not strange for us at all, in fact we think it is good. Therefore, we have gathered some links that we think might help you.